Garden Oaks Civic Club Business Members

Welcome to the following neighbors and neighborhood businesses who joined our new Business Membership Program. Thanks for your support!

Deanna Zugheri, Keller Williams Metropolitan

Verde Wealth Group

Erin Thole, CNHP – Thole Wellness, LLC

Harry James Building + Design

John Bartos, Attorney at Law

Delarco Designs & Construction, LLC

Plonk! Beer & Wine Bistro

IndyQuest Properties, LLC

Central City Air

The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian

The Rice Organization, Inc.

Southern Sprinkler & Drainage

Terry Jeanes, Realtor – Led Well Realty

Business Members ($250/yr) are recognized monthly in the Gazette and are featured on the GOCC webpages. Sign up by contacting our Membership Chair

Garden Oaks Constable Program Needs YOU!

Your Constable Program support is needed!!.

The effort to increase the number of households in Garden Oaks supporting the Constable Program is necessary because of the loss of GOMO funding. We previously had three constable patrols, with two of those patrols being paid from GOMO surplus funds. That ended in 2016.

The civic club began the year 2020, with two contracts, each contract providing 40 hours of professional law enforcement officers patrolling in our neighborhood. Each contract costs about $77,000. In August one contract was ended because funding levels were not adequate to support two.

If everyone in the neighborhood contributed, the cost would be about $110 per household annually. Currently we have right at 334 supporters (out of some 1400 households in GO), which is not nearly enough to fund two patrols. We are asking each household to contribute a minimum of $250 annually to keep the deputies patrolling in our neighborhood.

We have distributed GO Constable Supporter signs to those who are paid for the current year and who have requested signs. If you would like a sign, please email Please help us keep our neighborhood safe!

Constable Supporters $250 and up as of 09.01.2020

Join NOW!

Pay On-line with PayPal or do it with
Snail Mail using this form: GOCC and Constable dues

Constable Supporters

Olimometer 2.52 Olimometer 2.52
2021 Supporters 54 2020 Supporters 335
2021 Goal 400 2020 Goal 600
2021 Remaining 346 2020 Remaining 265

Garden Oaks a "Hidden" Houston Gem

For those who don't know, Garden Oaks is one of Houston's best-kept secrets. Nestled among towering pines and grand magnolias, this quaint and architecturally unique neighborhood of approximately 1400 homes continues to attract attention and rave reviews.