Constable Program Committee

The Constable Program Committee is responsible for collection of the fees from residents that are used to pay for a Harris County Constable Deputy to patrol the neighborhood. Each contract includes 40 hours of professional law enforcement patrol per week, vacation watch, security check for insurance discount, and alarm monitoring for quick response. The GOCC currently has signed up for 2 constable patrols contracts.

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Constable FAQ

The Constable Program is designed to provide a highly visible and responsive neighborhood patrol. The main objectives are crime prevention and immediate police services to citizens in need. The Contract Deputy Program is not a security service employing part-time or off-duty officers. It is a respected law enforcement program provided by the Harris County Constable’s office. The Constable Program employs only qualified, professional peace officers who each work forty hours a week, providing police services in their assigned area of responsibility.

We currently have two constable contracts, each providing 40 hours per week coverage. These contracts are funded entirely by neighborhood residents. For each contract, Harris County subsidizes the cost of the program by 20 percent. Each constable contract currently costs us about $77,000 annually. The constable program currently has less than 300 household supporters (out of 1430 homes) who pay the recommended $225 annual fee.  Thus, fundraisers are required annually due to lack of sufficient revenues to cover the costs.

Not at all. Crime in our neighborhood has been cut drastically thanks to the volunteers and supporters of the Garden Oaks Citizen Patrol. However, the citizen patrol is not designed to confront criminal activity, only report it, while the Deputy Constable on duty is empowered to enforce the law and to make arrests when necessary. We need both programs working together to keep our neighborhood as safe as possible.

There are two ways to participate: (1) pay for the full year in advance online or via a mailed check, or (2) pay monthly via credit card. You can complete this form if you would like to mail in a check.

Contact our Constable Chair Terry Jeanes at (713) 812-9154 or via e-mail.

Constable Dispatch

713 755 7628

Vacation Watch
Use the form at the link to let the Constable know you're going on vacation and what to watch for at your house. Follow the links under the Sign Up tab.

Pay Online

You can pay your constable dues online and get all the advantages of being a member of the program.

Or do it by Snail Mail

Make a Constable Contribution 
Use this form to pay your constable dues and get all the advantages of being a member of the program. While we’d like to have all your contact info, it is not absolutely necessary to mail in this form. At the minimum, we need your name, address and email address.