Street Work

Big Projects are Impacting Traffic and Road Use

The major construction project at the Garden Oaks Montessouri Magnet is progressing and promises to be with us through the end of this year. HISD has a website where they post the status of the project here.

The other major project has to do with storm water management. It is a three part project starting with Alba and continuing with Sue Barnett and Golf. The surprise to many has been the impact on the intersecting streets where drainage infrastructure is being upgraded several lots in from Alba. City of Houston Projects left GOCC with a set of detailed drawings. These are way too much detail for most folks. The file should download using most browsers.

A more digestible view of the Alba project can be gotten by bringing up our area in Houston GIMS. Here are a few screen shots of what you can see at that website regarding location and nature of the work being done. On the long toolbar click the far right icon that looks like a loose stack of papers and choose CIP Projects. In the menu that opens select Active. Zoom into our area and start playing with layers by turning them on and off. After zooming you will want to choose the upside down i symbol or the hand to navigate and bring up more info.

Here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of the available information. Starting with most of the options turned off you can see where work is planned for the water supply lines and sewage.

Water is blue and sewage is red.

click to see more detail

Adding stormwater adds the green.

click to see more detail

And the new road adds the brown.

click to see more detail