The Beautification Committee's purpose is to plan, design, implement and maintain all green spaces within the Garden Oaks Subdivision. Green spaces in our subdivision include the following areas:

Rose Garden - Lawrence at West 34th

Esplanade - Garden Oaks Blvd. Between Shepherd and Sue Barnett

Gazebo Park - Sue Barnett at West 42nd

Triangle Park - Alba and Azalea

Art Park * - Sue Barnett at West 43rd

Friendship Park ** - Lawrence at West 30th

Randall Berm - Durham at West 30th

Durham Wedge *** - Durham at Loop 610

* City of Houston Park (name) -City provides mowing
** Responsibility of Garden Oaks Garden Club
*** State of Texas

The above green spaces are all of our "backyards." The maintenance and responsibility to keep these spaces beautiful is shared by all of us who live in Garden Oaks. Like your own yards, it takes a lot of work and resources to keep our green spaces beautiful. Much of this work is provided by Garden Oaks resident volunteers.

Funding for mowing, special tree work, sprinkler repairs and the water bill is provided by the Civic Club and a $20,000 per year contribution by GOMO when excess funds are available and GOMO members vote to approve funding.

Scheduled work days are held for each green space throughout the year. These work days are usually held on Saturday mornings and are a great opportunity to make our neighborhood shine and to meet your neighbors. These work days are fun and make you feel proud of Garden Oaks. Typical maintenance includes planting annuals, mulching, weeding, pruning trees/shrubs, repairing sprinkler systems, and painting. Please come out the next time we have a work day, everyone is welcome!

Cleaning and picking up trash in our neighborhood is all of our responsibility. When you see litter, do not assume that someone else will pick it up. Remember we all have a common interest to keep Garden Oaks Beautiful. Should you have any ideas and/or suggestions, want to be on the Beautification Committee, e-mail Joan Harmon committee chair.